Buffalo Bags

No charge for the bags | 25% cheaper than Hippo bags and Bee bags.

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Buffalo Bags are the cheaper alternative to Hippo Bags or Skip Hire in Gloucester, Cheltenham, Stroud and the surrounding areas

Buffalo Bags the cheaper alternative to Hippo Bags and Bee Bags. Already have a full Hippo Bag or skip bag ? We can collect these too and save you money !!

Unlike Hippo bag and Bee bag we do not charge for skip bags, they are supplied completely free.

Buffalo Bag is the new convenient skip hire alternative that makes the disposal of rubbish easier than ever before. Buffalo Bags are very strong and can easily hold up to one tonne of household or garden waste.

Just fill them level to the top of the bag and make a call to us so we can come and collect them.

No mud, soil or turf to be placed in bags.

How our Buffalo Bag service works?


Request a Buffalo Bag

Call us on 07891404542 for your free skip bag.


Fill it up

Fill the bag to the top. There is no time limit on this.


Book a collection

When you’re ready call us to book a collection


We pick it up

No need to be there, we will arrive on time to take it away.


Reasons to choose Buffalo Bags

  • Cheaper than Hippo Bag prices  or Clearabee prices
  • Can be placed where a skip cannot
  • Difficult access solution
  • Easy to store until use
  • No need to be at home
  • No time limits

Hazardous Waste and Restricted Items

Soil | Turf | Mud | Gas Cylinders | Fridge Freezers | TV Monitors | Pressured Containers | Fluorescent Tubes | Tyres | Paint Tins | Oils | Liquids (of any type)

How do prices compare to Hippo Bags and Clearabee?

Cost 1 Cubic Meter

Buffalo Bag – £75

Clearabee – £109.99

Hippo Bag – £127.98

Cost 2 Cubic Yards

Buffalo Bag – £140

Clearabee – £139.99 – ONLY 1.5 cubic yards

Hippo Bag – £161.98 – ONLY 1.5 cubic yards

1 cubic yard – Medium

90cm x 90cm x 90cm


Buffalo Bag – £75 

Hippo Skip Bag – £124.99 

          2 cubic yards – Large 

                                                  33% larger than a hippo megabag                                        

          160cm x 97cm x 97cm

        Cheapest = £140

You can order multiple bags if required. I.e. if you have 3 cubic yards of waste you can order a 1 cubic and a 2 cubic Buffalo Bag.

07891 404 542


Since 2011, we have provided a wide range of waste disposal services to customers. Whether it is a business or household service, we can meet your requirements. We also offer garden clearance, house clearance and waste removal. For more information, contact All Rubbish Removed. We cover Gloucester and the surrounding areas.


Areas we cover

Whether it's home clearance or garden clearance, All Rubbish Removed is here to help you. For any waste disposal service, contact us in Gloucester. We also serve in Stroud, Cheltenham, Tewkesbury, Forest Of Dean and surrounding areas.

Advantages of using our services
  • Up to 25% cheaper than skip hire
  • No need to pay for a road licence
  • We do all the loading
  • Typically loaded and swept up within an hour
  • If accessible work can be carried out while you are at work or shopping etc.
How do we compare to Skip hire?


Our rubbish removal services could be up to 25% more cost-efficient than hiring a skip. You can rest assured that the quote that we provide will include labour charges.


How do I get in touch?

To find out more about our waste disposal services, contact All Rubbish Removed in Gloucester. We serve customers in Cheltenham and Stroud also. Call us now on 07891 404 542


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Buffalo Bags

Buffalo Bags the cheaper alternative to Hippo Bags and Bee Bags in Gloucestershire.

Unlike Hippo bag and Bee bag we do not charge for skip bags, they are supplied completely free.

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The only clearance company that can promise to recycle 100% of everything collected from each job.


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